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June 3,2010: Plant trees to make a difference today and in the future.

Plant trees to make a difference today and in the future.
by Vivian Knapp, West Wellington Community Association.
“What a lovely street” is often the feeling we get walking under mature trees. We instinctively appreciate their beauty and the cool shade of their green canopies. The advantages are many – to start – trees improve air quality and decrease energy bills.
Unfortunately, an invasive beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Ottawa and will soon kill many ash trees. The impact will be similar to the effect Dutch Elm disease had on elm trees. Up to 25 percent of the trees that make our neighbourhoods so green are ash trees. Now is the time to start replacing these trees by planting new ones. What are your options?
1. Buy a tree of your choice at a local nursery to plant on your own property. Buy the most mature tree you can afford. Remember to consider its future growth when choosing the planting location so as not to impede utility wires or your, or your neighbour’s, buildings. Be sure to call for a free underground utility locate before digging.
2. Get a free tree from the City of Ottawa to plant on your property. Through the Trees for Tomorrow initiative, Ottawa residents can apply for a tree for their property delivered to their door at no charge. Small, medium and large trees are available for delivery in the spring and fall; the type and number of trees provided each season is based on availability. Note that residents who have previously received a tree through this initiative are now eligible to receive a second tree.
3. Request to have a tree planted on the City-owned property in front of your home. The City needs your help to find suitable locations for street trees. If the City-owned road allowance in front of your home is lacking a tree and you are prepared to help care for one, the City will supply and plant a tree at no cost to you. Street trees are available by request on a first come, first served basis. Requests must be received by the City on or before December 15 for spring planting and June 15 for fall planting.
4. Suggest a public location to plant a tree. With your help, the West We l l ington Communi t y Association will work with the City Forestry Services to determine appropriate locations for trees within our community (between Island Park and Holland, the 417 and Scott). Our work with the City has already resulted in new trees being planted this spring in the Byron Linear Park.


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