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March 4, 2010: Community Sports Volunteer Awards.

 Community Sports Volunteer Awards.
 By Cheryl Parrott.
   (A July readers extra: A timeless article from our older issues.)

On January 30, MPP Yasir Naqvi held a ceremony to present awards to 26 individuals or groups who had been nominated in Ottawa- Centre for the Celebration 2010 Community Sports Hero Award Program. Several of those recipients were from Kitchissippi. Each recipient was provided with an Olympic style medal as well as a certificate.
The award honours those who have worked hard in community sport in many different ways. Some are coaches, some trainers, conveners, some ensure there are outdoor rinks available all winter providing free recreation choices, others have initiated sport within their community such as outdoor basketball games, some have started sports programs for disabled children.
One of the Kitchissippi recipients was Wayne Rodney from Hintonburg. Wayne spent many years coaching house league hockey and still is active today with the year end-house hockey league tournament. A lot of money has been raised for Roger’s House through this tournament.
Another recipient was Lorne Cutler from Hampton-Iona Community. Lorne received the award for his many hours of work ensuring that the neighbourhood has access to an outdoor skating rink. It takes a lot of organizing work to ensure the ice is ready and maintained.
Other Kitchissippi residents honoured were Donna Makin for her work with the Rideau Rowing Club, and Geordie McConnell for his program with the Ottawa Running Club.
Awards such as these are important. They give people a chance to nominate those who have given so much. This opportunity to express gratitude is important for the nominators as well as for the nominees to know how much their efforts are appreciated. The Olympics are great but the work these volunteers do to promote and organize recreation for everyone, regardless of ability is what makes our community. The ceremony was a great celebration for the entire community and a celebration of how much volunteers do for recreation and sport. Thanks to Yasir Naqvi for giving everyone the opportunity to nominate our very many sports heroes.

2 men with Award document in front of brick column.

Community Sports Hero Award.

Photo Caption:
MPP Yasir Naqvi presents Wayne Rodney with a Celebration 2010 Community Sports Hero Award.

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