About Newswest On-line easyread.

Newswest on-line easyread is a volunteer project to make our recent print articles available and accessible to readers who need an easier to read format.  By bringing content on-line, our readers can use their computer browsers or mobile devices to change text size and style to improve their reading experience.  We aim to help those that use assistive technology like screen readers to have better access to our content too.  Accessibility features of Newswest On-line easyread are discussed in a separate post.

Article Updates:

The dates on which new articles will be posted may vary, but we aim to post the newest editions of Newswest almost as soon as they are available on the local newsstand.  Articles on-line may appear slightly different than those in print for technical reasons and because late changes by the print editors may not be available to the easyread volunteers.  Advertising content may not appear on-line at present.  You can subscribe to the  Newswest On-line easyread rss feed to be informed of when the newest articles appear. This news-feed can also be delivered to your e-mail.

Newswest On-line easyread as archive:

You are welcome to search Newswest On-line easyread to read older articles for your enjoyment.
Newswest On-line easyread aims to archive only most recent Newswest editions for public access. Older articles in Newswest On-line easyread may be removed from on-line access as part of future maintenance. Newswest maintains a limited internal archive of its past print editions and an even smaller electronic archive. Persons looking for exact historical materials should check their local libraries and the Federal Archives (Newswest. — Ottawa, ON — NJ.OR.238 — AN 7656338).  Newswest On-line easyread is not to be construed as an exact copy of the print edition of Newswest for either legal or historical purposes.  (If looking for exact content for dates after 2003 try contacting Kitchissippi Times, Great River Media.)


All Newswest On-line easyread content is copyrighted by Newswest, by its contributors and/or by its partners. Copying easyread content for commercial purposes is forbidden. Copying for non-commercial use must include this copyright notice and a link to Newswest On-line easyread.

Volunteers and Feedback:

Newswest welcomes inquiries from anyone who wishes to volunteer in the easyread project or in any other activity of your Newswest community newspaper.  Newswest especially wants feedback from readers using mobile and assistive devices.  Get involved, tell us how we are doing, tell us what can be improved.



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