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Browser Cookies.
Newswest is aware of the privacy concerns regarding browser cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data used to store user information locally on your machine. Cookie data is normally kept private between you and the website domains you visit. Some cookies are passed back and forth with the website that issues them, other cookies are used only locally on your computer. A third type of cookies are those generated by third party websites that provide content or services to the websites you visit. Below is a sample of some cookies used on the Newswest Website;

Newswest Cookies

Client only
various main pages, /easyread pagesexpires in 30 days after
last use of the color button
accessibility web control: page color,
(white, beige, inverse black-white, blue-orange, blue)
Client only
various main pages, /easyread pagesexpires in 30 days after
last use of the A+,Rst,A- buttons
accessibility web control: Size of text fonts on page ,
Client only
calender.htmlexpires in 30 days after
last use of the pop-up/overlay button
accessibility web control: date pop-ups,
overlay1(drops-in right side), or overlay2(drop-ins, alt position)
Client only?
/easyread pages (Previously)expires in ? days after
last use of the Resize all Fonts A- A A+ A++ control in sidebar
accessibility web control: Resize all Fonts,
4 sizes Widget no longer used on our site
Client only?
/easyread pages (Previously)expires in ? days after
last use of the Resize content a- A+ Default control in sidebar
accessibility web control: Resize content Fonts,
multiple sizesWidget no longer used on our site
Clicking on this LINK will wipe the first 3 cookies in the table. (refresh page to update for any changes. Wiped cookies should be auto-removed by your browser when you exit it.).
Additional client only cookies may be set in future by third party javascripts that we use such as fancybox.

Other Cookies Seen When Visiting

Some of the following include cookies set and requested back by our server.
Logins, session ID, form page validation.
Example; when you are logged in visiting the contributors photo gallery, the server will set, and may check your session ID cookie to verify your access.
We recommend you delete any such cookies when using public computers (after logging out of Newswest first).

Some cookies may be set and read back for controls and widgets etc when using the easyread archives and the contributor photo galleries. These controls and widgets are written by third party developers, and may change as we evolve our web site’s look and fuctionality. If we become aware of any privacy concerns about said cookies, we will inform you herein.

Additional cookies may be set and read by partnered third party services, Including;

On most page: Google Analytics,
  and on a few of our web pages: FeedBurner, Twitter, reCaptcha etc.
Example: Google Analytics uses cookies to estimate the rate of returning visitors over multiple IP addresses (including non-static IPs). Google then provides Newswest with just the rate for a time frame of interest. Google does not provide Newswest with cookie information or IP addresses for tracking a single individual over multiple IP addresses, and does not specifically create or use cookies of its own for such a purpose,
These third party cookies can be blocked in your browser by various privacy settings.

Newswest does not use advertising on its website,

and no third party advertising services will operate from with-in our pages.
However, linked third party pages may include such advertising.
Example: using the Google search box on our main and easyread pages, the results are provided on Google's website with advertising. The Google custom search results page of Newswest's website is not a web page.
If you wish to search our site without using a third party there are ways to do so. In our on-line archives an internal search function can do a text search of the easyread archives. The internal search box is available on some sidebars in the /easyread pages. For the main pages of, text searches are currently only available from third parties but our sitemap does provide a listing of pages.

And a final point; Newswest does not retain cookie data coming back from its users.

Just remember to log out, and cookie data like session ID etc. gets deleted from our server.

This page’s text was last modified on August 14, 2013