Map of Kitchissippi Centres


The Bronson Centre
211 Bronson Ave, (near Lisgar?)
OttawaOntario  K1R 6H5  Canada
613-237-5550  website

Carlington Community and Health centre
900 Merivale Rd., (south of Carling)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5Z8  Canada
613-722-4000  website

Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre
345 Richmond road corner Churchill ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0E7  Canada
613-798-8927  website

Dovercourt Recreation Center
411 Dovercourt ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 059  Canada
613-798-8950  website

Fisher Park Community Centre
250 Holland Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0Y6  Canada

Jack Purcell Community Centre
320 Jack Purcell Lane (off Elgin near Gilmour)
OttawaOntario  K2P 2J5  Canada
613-564-1050  website

  Free parking.InformationInformationThe Hintonburg community centre has free parking at the side and rear of the building.

Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre
102 Greenview Drive in Britannia Park
OttawaOntario  K2B 8J8  Canada
613-828-4313  website

Laroche Community Center (Laroche Park Fieldhouse)
52 Bayview Rd. West (go along Stonehurst)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
613-  website

Odawa Native Friendship Centre
12 Stirling Avenue corner Scott St.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1P8  Canada
613-722-3811  website

RA Centre
2451 Riverside Drive.
OttawaOntario  K1H 7X7  Canada
613-733-5100  website

Soloway JCC
21 Nadolny Sachs Private  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 1R9  Canada
613-798-9818  website

St. Brigid’s Centre
310 St. Patrick St. (at Cumberland) in Lowertown  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1N 5K5  Canada
613-244-7373  website

     Community Groups 

Lynne Bankier, Pres.
Champlain Park Community Association. ADDRESS
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Katherine Steinhoff, Pres.
Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association. ADDRESS
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Lorne Cutler, Pres.
Hampton-Iona Community Group. ADDRESS
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Matt Whitehead, Pres.
Hintonburg Community Association. ADDRESS
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Fisher Park Community Recreation Council Hintonburg Community Association Hintonburg is bound by the Transitway along Scott Street to the north, the O-Train line to the east, the Highway to the south, and Holland Avenue to the west. President: Jeff Leiper E-Mail: Website: Island Park Community Association The Island Park neighbourhood comprises the residents of Island Park Drive, Island Park Crescent, and Harmer Avenue south of Island Park Drive. President: Daniel Koepke E-Mail: Website: McKellar Park Community Association McKellar Park is bound by the Ottawa River to the north, Denbury Avenue to the east, and Sherbourne Avenue to the south and west. President: Bruce Bergen E-Mail: Website: Wellington Village Community Association West Wellington is bound by the Transitway along Scott to the north, Holland Avenue to the east, the Queensway to the South, and Island Park Drive to the west. President: Katie Paris E-Mail: Website: Westboro Beach Community Association Westboro Beach is bound by the Ottawa River to the north and west, Island Park Drive to the east, and the Transitway along Scott Street to the South. President: Mari Wellman E-Mail: Website: Westboro Community Association Westboro is bound by the Transitway along Scott Street to the north, Tweedsmuir Avenue to east, Carling Avenue to the south, and Denbury Avenue to the west. President: Gary Ludington E-Mail: Website:

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