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We are working to improve the accessibility of this site for all our readers and members. In January 2012 the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act comes into force for the private sector. Whether Newswest as a volunteer organization will be subject to any part of the act or regulations remains to be determined. Nonetheless we are working to respond to the needs of our whole community while awaiting more information on the pending regulations.

Some content or services found herein might be inaccessible to some visitors. We apologize for any problems you encounter and invite you to contact us by mail, email, facsimile or phone. You may remain anonymous if you prefer. You do not have to disclose any disability or health related information to us. Information as to pages visited, browser type and version, operating system, special software or configuration plus the problems noted, is the only data we request to help us make improvements.

If you provide an email address, facsimile number or mailing address we might be able to reply and provide information requested in an alternate format at minimal cost.

Please note that linked external third party websites and external third party scripts are not subject to this policy and may not be subject to Ontario, Canada legal jurisdiction.

How to contact us;

If there are any questions regarding this statement or questions about accessibility issues on our site, you may contact us using the information below.

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