Newswest 35th Anniversary Trivia Contest(s):



Prizes shall be awarded to the single entry with the most number of correct answers. In the event of a tie the winner will be chosen at random from those with the most correct answers. Other additional prizes may be awarded solely at random. (e.g. for special participation prizes like early bird or for a random drawing of all entries for any and all of the 35th anniversary contests.) Not all correct entries will get prizes. Newswest Board decisions as to winners are final. If a prize is unavailable due to reasons beyond Newswest's control it may substitute a prize of different value. Newswest will endeavor to contact the winner within 4 weeks of its decision. Newswest will then transfer the prize to the winner in 8 weeks or less. If Newswest is unable to provide the prize within that time it will contact the winner to offer alternatives. Entries must be received by midnight of the date specified to be included in the contest. Newswest is not responsible for lost, late or delayed entries. Multiple entries for the same e-mail address, phone number or home address may be treated as a single entry for a single contest at our discretion without prior notice.


Unless otherwise indicated participants should be resident in our local distribution area. Those under 18 may be required to show their parents' or guardian's permission before picking up any prize.

Persons who are party to the creation or publishing of questions or answers for the contest may not receive prizes. Those excluded include (but are not limited to) Newswest Board members, Newswest Webmaster and the current Newswest and Kitchissippi Times Editors.


Newswest does not solicit the participation of Quebec residents and is not responsible for fees to the Quebec Government and Quebec Lottery agencies. All prizes and publication for these contests are with-in the borders and jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, Canada only. No prizes shall be awarded should they need to be shipped or mailed to another province or country for the winner.


Privacy issues are subject to all Newswest Privacy policies and to laws and regulations of the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada only. All participants who provide e-mail addresses or phone numbers implicitly agree to receive unsolicited Newswest replies and status e-mails regarding the contest. (Said messages stop after the end of the contest.) An on-line form page is available should you wish to opt-out of (un-subscribe to) these update emails.

Newswest will not use your contact info for other purposes. We will not seek to share your personal information with any other party. IP addresses recorded of visits to our website are solely for security verification, and visitor statistics. Winners of prizes agree to their names being published in print or on-line. Photos of winners may be requested for publication at the time of the awarding of the prizes. Information retention shall comply with any legal requirements known at the time.


A list of winners may be provided on request (written inquires only, include a SASE). These requests must be sent to the Newswest Board of Directors. All inquires of a legal nature and any disputes must be submitted in writing to the Newswest Board of Directors first for consideration at its next monthly meeting. All Board members are unpaid part time volunteers, so legal disputes and proceedings need to be handled within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa only. All correspondence will be in English. Persons requesting alternate formats of documents or articles should allow 4-10 weeks for replies.

Those who choose to enter these contests, implicitly agree to abide by the contest rules published here.


These contest rules may be subject to change without prior notice and published here. Last update: June 8, 2013


editor at newswest dot org
Newswest 35th Anniversary Contest, Att.: Anne Duggan, Editor
Telephone: 613-728-3030
Fax: 613-728-3030
Mailing Address:
421 Richmond Rd
PO Box 67057 Westboro RPO
Ottawa , Ontario ,
K2A 4E4 Canada

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